Buying a Home 7 things to take care

Published: 21st November 2011
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Buying a home or a property is never being an easy decision because it involves lots of risks and money, so here are some mistake which should be avoided while buying a home for your own

You might be willing to relocate to a new home if your old home is not enough comfortable, spacious or not fulfilling your requirements. There may also be a chance that you are relocating to another city due to job relocation or transfers. You will need to buy a home if you permanently want to stay there for a long time. Now it comes to buying a home, though a lots of money will be associated with the purchase, you need to be careful at each step while buying a home because Real Estate Industry especially in India is one of the largest producer of frauds.

You have finally decided to buy a new home and willing to relocate as soon as possible, below are some mistakes which you should avoid while buying a new home.

Prepare the project

There is no need to visit too many or too few goods. A purchase should be prepared well in advance, do not run blindly without knowing exactly what you want. Think of the life you want, your little habits of everyday life and your leisure.

Make unwise decisions

If you are unfamiliar with the rules and others around you also can not advise you, see the news sites on the Internet, ask your realtor, your lawyer and above all, do not buy if you have any doubt. You can also take help of real estate consultants while buying or selling a property in exchange of little money.

Do not negotiate credit

Applications and credit reports are tedious, but do not take this issue lightly. Many subscribers were disappointed because they were poorly reviewed the bids or failed to identify certain binding clauses as the conditions for redemption of a loan. Many purchasers of variable rate loans have seen their monthly payments or the length of their credit soar over time.

Simply visit one of the good

Nothing prevents you from returning to visit the property. An owner who is reluctant to let you visit freely is probably hiding something, so be careful in such cases. During the visit, ask to see everything, the main house, the outbuildings and cellars. You need to visits at several points during the day to check pollution and sunlight.

Check the financial status of the condominium

Before you decide, ask to see the condominium rules at the last minutes of general meeting, and study well the terms and decisions passed. Get the latest states of condominium fees to control their evolution and possible anomalies.

Do not include any charges related to the purchase

The acquisition cost of property is far from being limited to the purchase price. It must include legal fees, agency fees, work, the interest on your loan, your move, etc. Remember none of these charges should be ignored to avoid unpleasant surprises.


A real estate purchase is a long-term choice. If you are disappointed, you can easily go back and quickly resell which necessarily represent a cost or a loss. Never take a final decision in a hurry, you must master all aspects of your file and choose calmly.

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