How to negotiate while buying an apartment

Published: 24th November 2011
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Buying real estate is an important step that requires reflection. The property prices in many countries hike more than doubled in last 10 years. It is not always easy to know the true value of property. Find out the criteria for assessing the price of a home and to negotiate better arguments.

Many people already own their homes and many aspire to become owners but buying is not improvised. Here are some tips for a successful purchase.

Evaluate the price of house

Many criteria are taken into account in assessing the price of housing.

  • The surface and the number of parts;

  • Work. Pay attention to the importance of the tasks ahead: the bill can rise quickly. What may seem like a simple refresh can quickly become a construction site. A good purchased at a good price can, once the work, be much more expensive than expected!

  • Stage and the presence of an elevator:

  • Over the floor, the less practical, especially if there is no elevator.

  • Apartments on the ground floor are often more noisy (if they give the street) and darker.

  • The presence of a garden or a balcony. Beware of their possible overvaluation: the city, a garden quickly becomes a garden;

  • The standing and character of the building or home;

  • The price per square meter in the area. To get a better idea, see real estate agents around and visit several properties;

  • The sound environment. Please come back at different times of the day: the best way to judge the noise level;

  • Sun exposure and orientation. If housing provides only an inner courtyard or is on the ground floor, it is unlikely to be very bright,

  • Proximity to public transportation, schools and businesses;

  • The presence of a parking lot. It is a rare commodity in large cities and an important asset for a possible resale. If you do not have a car, you can always rent it!

  • The presence of a cave. It will save you space for storage;

  • The condition of common areas. Take the elevator, go up the stairs, the cellar, the court ... The quality and maintenance of common areas is essential in the life of every day. In addition, the renovation of public areas can be expensive: find out about current projects with the condominium.


Some criteria do not count in the evaluation of the price of a real estate property (even if they allow its development)

  • 1. The decoration

  • 2. Paintings remodeled

  • 3. Double glazing

  • 4. The door

  • 5. The kitchen

they are often modest investment compared to the purchase price of housing

Negotiate the best!

Some tips to buy at the best price.

  • Compare the proposed selling price to the assessment that you have made (depending in particular on the surface and the price per square meter in force in the neighborhood);

  • If there is work to be done, subtract the amount of the sale price;

  • If it is an apartment on the ground floor facing the street, a 10% discount on the price of an equivalent apartment on another floor is generally used;

  • To the seller, list the negative points of accommodation: you'll be better in a strong position;

  • Pursuing multiple tracks at once and make it a point in the negotiations;

  • If the seller is pressed, it may accept a proposal for less than market value;

Choosing residential projects, residential flats & apartments is the best real estate investment practice.

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