Lasik surgery after care tips

Published: 04th May 2011
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A good enough lasik surgery after care will give you a better, smarter and wiser vision. Below are some tips you should take care of after getting a lasik eye surgery.

Remember the post-op visits

This is the most critical and important part of the lasik surgery after care and recovery process. A good eye surgeon generally fixes the appointments for its lasik patients for the next six months starting just from the next day of getting the surgery. A next day post-op visit helps the surgeons to evaluate the early healing of eye and if any unnecessary symptoms found, surgeons can take early steps to stop the further damage to eyes. All the post-op visits make the surgeons understand and evaluate it in a better way how your eyes vision is growing. The main benefit of attending all the post-op visits is that surgeon will be able to advice you according to your eyes health for better and stable vision.

Restrictions after Lasik

There is a no. of restrictions which should be kept in mind after getting lasik surgery. The restrictions on some of the activities which can harm your eyes are also a very important concern in lasik after care.
The limitations or the restrictions may not apply for 6 months like the post-op visits; these limitations are to be applied for 2-3 day to a few weeks depending on the type of surgery you got.
The two main restrictions which are advised by every eye surgeon are driving and rubbing of eyes. Not driving a vehicle is generally to be followed from 2days to a week or more. So regardless the surgery procedure, in most of the cases surgeons does not allow patients to drive immediately after getting the surgery.

Rubbing of eyes after surgery can be harmful to your eyes and all the patients are advised to wear eye glasses and protective covering over the eyes while sleeping. Other restrictions are generally related to the activities which can disrupt the recovery process and vision improvement of eyes. Other activity restrictions if not taken care of can also be imposed by your surgeon so donít forgot to visit the surgeon as first priority of eye surgery after care.

Some other restrictions that should be taken care of are:

ē Swimming
ē Soaking in hot tubs
ē Participating in contact or non-contact sports

Understanding the recovery process

It will be a much better idea for the patients to know about the surgery recovery procedure as much as they can. Knowing the recovery process will enable you to make the least mistakes that may negatively affect your healing or the recovery process. So itís important to spend some time and ask your eye surgeon for the process and some extra tips for after care

Lasik Surgery recovery Time

An ideal recovery of lasik surgery can take up to 6 months but most of the times lasik patients get the improved vision within 24 to 48 hours after the surgical procedure and after 3 days almost all the patients feel the improved vision. The recovery time may vary from patient to patient and generally allow the patients to get back to their work just after 2-3 days but are not considered as fully recovered.

Decreased discomfort and watering of eyes can be felt after 3 days. Conditions such as blurred vision and light sensitivity may take up to one week or more. Poor night vision and dry eyes can lasts up to 4-5 weeks.

So according to this timeline patients can adjust their everyday work progress to reduce the negative effects on eyes healing process.

Problems after lasik surgery as lasik complications

This point directly relates to the first point in the article, generally the problems after surgery occurs if you donít care of post-op visits, because during the post-op visits if the surgeon experiences any of the complications he/she is able to take necessary steps against that problem. Another point to remember is that if you ignore the post-op visits there are huge chances that you will be suffered from any of the complications of lasik surgery and they may remain lifetime.

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