Review: Perfect Wellness Eye & Dental Care Services in India

Published: 29th March 2011
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India is one of the best choices for healthcare services, the major factor which is making people from Western countries to choose India for healthcare services is the cost associated with the treatment procedures. Cost in India is very less as you can get treated in India within less than half of the cost of any major treatment procedure in western countries.

There are lots of hospitals and medical centers based in India but a few of them are doing real care of its patients and providing world class healthcare facility.
People from western countries like UK, US, Canada, France, Germany & more are coming to India for major surgery treatments like Cancer surgery, Joint replacements, Plastic and Reconstructive surgery, Spine surgery, Heart transplant, eye surgery and transplantation and dental surgery or implants.

Dental Surgery is considered to be one of the most costly surgery procedures and also there is another fact that only a few dental surgeons are able to perform the surgery procedure in an accurate and right manner like dental implants or full mouth rehabilitation.
Eye transplant or any eye surgery procedure is also costly and if done by the ordinary eye care specialist then it might cause other problems like vision loss, infection or any other eye disease, so it is very important to choose a reputed eye specialist.
There are several eye and dental hospitals based in India but only a few provides quality services and facilities to its patients.
Perfect Wellness (locations in New Delhi, Faridabad and some other cities) is also one of such hospitals specializing in dental, eye and optical care services. It was founded by Mr. Ankit Agarwal (MD & CEO of Perfect Wellness) in 2004.

Perfect Wellness is one of the largest eye and dental care providers based in Delhi NCR area. The main hospital is located at main Mathura road (NH-2) in Faridabad with other branches in neighboring cities New Delhi and Palwal.

Perfect Wellness makes its entry into the healthcare with its eye care hospital which then soon followed by the optical and was named as Perfect Vision. After 2 years in the industry it opened doors to another division for dental care in 2006.

In 2010 Perfect Wellness added a new division to its healthcare services, recently launched physiotherapy services also follows the standards defined by the award-winning eye and dental care services. It is fitted with state of the art infrastructure and backed by highly qualified and experienced team of consultants and therapists.

If you choose PW you will be benefitted by finding eye, optical, dental and physiotherapy services at the same place, so you need not to go anywhere else like if you got an eye surgery then for after surgery care you can choose spectacle form its own optical store without spending much money and also the valuable time in finding an optical store.

Awards and Honour
It has been awarded for best services in Eye Care and Dental Care for two years (2009 & 2010) in a row and continuously looking to increase the quality of services.

Author possesses good knowledge of health care service providers in India, and advising on finding a best eye hospital in India for eye treatment and also for dental clinic in India which provides quality healthcare services.

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