Tenants – Rules and Obligations

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Published: 24th November 2011
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The owner of a property always obeys the rules and regulations in order to get respect from the society and the neighbors, but sometimes a tenant don’t care of these rules of housings and get into trouble by a sue from the landlord, so here are the rules tenants should follow in order to establish a happy and long relationship with the landlord.

As a tenant, you must respect a certain number of rules and you must know in order to avoid conflict with the owner. If it must issue a dwelling in good working order and comply with a number of rules, you are also under some certain obligations.

Pay your rent on time

Needless to say, your first obligation is to pay your rent regularly and your charges to the agreed maturity date. If you have a bored passenger, it is better to discuss it right away with the landlord, rather than cause a dispute that could prove difficult to resolve.

Respect the purpose of the premises

The lease will always show the destination of the dwelling. He said for example if the dwelling is rented for residential use or mixed-use (professional and main house). If it is for residential use, you must elect your principal residence and you comply with the rules of the building, usually displayed in public areas as well as building regulations, you're supposed to have taken knowledge at the signing of the lease. This can, for example, prohibit the parking of bicycles or strollers in public areas.

Property is for housing only

In a residential property leased for housing, you cannot do anything commercial. In principle, it is not possible to install office and to exercise a professional activity, lest the owner request the termination of the lease. The law of 1st August 2003 for economic initiative (Act No. 2003-721 Dutreil) in France relaxes this rule, however, allowing an individual to carry on a business as a principal residence, provided that the lease and settlement Co-ownership is not prohibited. The advice of real estate agents or the consultants can also be considered in order to avoid any annoyance.

Be peaceful

User quietly leased premises is also an obligation of the tenant. You should not, therefore, cause problems to your neighbors. In most cases, they are related to noise (moving furniture, slamming doors, music, television, feuds ...). If you want to throw a party, for example, it is best to prevent your neighbors for not a fait accompli. The nuisance can also be associated with odors. It may also be verbal abuse or physical against neighbors or the landlord. In short, you should take care of housing as if you were yourself owner. In fact, you need to ventilate your home and heat when necessary to avoid any annoyance.

Abnormal degradation

You are also responsible for damage that could be found in your home. Your responsibility is also committed if the damage submitted by a visitor. Be aware that the owner cannot require the rehabilitation of housing at the time of your departure (except for extreme emergencies). If you plan to work, it is better that you get approval.

If you follow the rules above, it will also make a happy and long term relationship with your landlord or the agents through whom you reach to the owner.

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