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Published: 18th November 2011
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If you are living into an old home for a long time, your much be willing to change the look and feel of your home, making it more spacious and comfortable for everyday living and functioning, here are 10 best tips how you can turn your old home into a new one.

Lack of storage space and light ventilation may be the two most important factors why you want to turn your old home into a new one that looks like a modern home. Discover the below 10 ideas to make your old home looks like new one.

1. Deco apartment aliases to illuminate

Move a wall non-carrier between the dining room and / or the kitchen and the living room to create a large living room.

Break down barriers can enhance the natural light and the volume of space, expanding the sense of space, especially in rooms like the kitchen or hallway.

The great outdoors are trends because they allow the whole family to live in ease and comfort.

2. Modernize the kitchen

Kitchen should be practical and functional at all times. Melamine and Formica kitchen traditions can sometimes be a hindrance to modernity of piece like the rustic wooden elements.

You can paint your walls only if the material elements permit you to do so with colors pop.

You can also change the signs of your cupboards for more likely effects, such as red or white lacquer.

You can also upgrade your bar counter by covering it with a raw wood or aluminum. If your countertop is laminated, you can paint with bright colors, a reminder of your walls.

If your kitchen is equipped with marble flooring then you may also change it to the wooden flooring to match it with the wooden cabinets and other kitchen furniture.

3. Plan the extension

If your old house is too small, you can earn square feet by adding an extension by several ways.

The first solution is to encroach on the garden through all the stages of conventional construction: earthworks, foundations, masonry.

The second solution is to elevate the house, complex operation since it is necessary to disassemble the frame. Check that your home can handle the overload. It is then possible to consider a break in style from your house.

You can add an extension of wood or metal with a stone house or classical style. Feel free to ask the opinion of many architects.

4. Optimize the attic

Optimize your attic by installing an extra room as a guest room, a playroom or office.

The attics allow you to enjoy the full potential of your old house charm. Indeed, beam or paneling gives style to your room in roof pitch.

In addition, those small or large spaces in the attic are real allies in terms of saving space. For example you can install the dressing of your dreams that do not fit into your room. You can even build a nice cozy bathroom.

5. Start with environmental standards

Construction or renovation, your work will have to meet new environmental standards.

Official standards should be in the place and must be respected. The standard HQE (High Environmental Quality) is a project that seeks to minimize the impact of the house on the environment, while ensuring healthy living conditions and comfort.

There is also the standard RT 2005 (thermal regulation) which aims to optimize the thermal performance of the house.

Many others are in force, particularly for construction of wooden houses.

6. Value the character of house

Stones, mud, timber, raw lime, some houses were built in the style of their region or their time. Architectural treasures of authenticity to be preserved and enhanced.

You can then undertake the restoration of traditional elements in accordance with the techniques of the past. Many artisans specialize in this area.

But nothing prevents you to add your touch of modernity. The contemporary swears not necessarily with the old, far from it.

You need to well take care of some furniture like kids furniture, dining table, sofa sets, bedroom furniture and wardrobes for better looks and feel along with the long life of the furniture.

7. Give a facelift to flooring

If the tiles of the house are a little older or that the carpet is worn, you can upgrade the soil, giving a facelift to the room immediately.

Pull the old carpet, or cover the tile surface with a contemporary. There are many models in all styles. You can opt for a polished concrete floor. There are also many PVC coating, mimicking tile, wooden flooring or concrete, which are also easy to get.

Finally, laminating the flooring is the most beautiful effect.

The choice is yours depending on the style of your room. But you can also keep the ground in places of origin, if it is a beautiful parquet floor tiles or old, that will give style to your home.

8. Refresh the front

If the exterior of your home country is damaged, it is best to swallow the front.

To rejuvenate a home without the cost is excessive; you can simply paint the doors, windows and shutters.

Similarly, you can add a small gazebo or refresh your driveway with beautiful tiles.

But you cannot possibly do without the facade renovation if it is damaged because it may suffer the condition of your house. It is to be considered at the time of purchase.

If you have a good knowledge of masonry and scaffolding (it is possible to rent) you can repeat the cleaning yourself. We must then make an inventory before starting work and to choose between plaster and paint.

9. Give a second life to chimney

Your house has a rustic fireplace brick or plaster topped by a wooden beam or a coat of stone. You can choose to replace it with a contemporary fireplace.

You can opt for a less expensive solution: the upgrade.

A simple and aesthetic is to cover the hood of aluminum plate for a more design. You can also cover your briquettes flames of a coating.

If your chimney is unusable or too cumbersome and messy to activate, you can install a nice wood stove or modern classic in the hearth of the fireplace. In addition, it will take you great discounts on electricity bills.

10. Put color on walls

Old-fashioned wallpaper or plaster worn, one of the surest ways to give a facelift to your home is to heat the walls with color trends.

Feel free to play with range of colors, contrasts, mixing such as fuchsia or turquoise with chocolate.

The sunny colors give punch to a room rather than old architecture. Conversely, pastel colors create an atmosphere of retro and romantic in a house such as "floor-molding".

The colors can also play on the volumes of parts, sometimes problematic in the houses of traditional. Narrow room and low ceiling, the colors can overcome these drawbacks by creating optical effects.

Author recommends to invest in high quality modular kitchen furniture, dining table, modern bed furniture and wooden flooring.

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