What colors and color combinations to choose for kitchen

Published: 21st November 2011
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Choosing kitchen colors can be a tough task if your are expecting too much from the single color combination only, so here are some tips and color combinations for your kitchen

Kitchen colors should be decided before buying any material for the kitchen like appliances, furniture or kitchen cabinets. The colors of the whole home matters a lot in creating a more comfortable and peaceful environment and so is with the kitchen. Kitchen is most probably the area where housewives spend lots of their time for preparing tasty and delicious food. Kitchen is the only room where you end up with the family regularly to share the meal. It must therefore be warm and welcoming.

The cooking of delicious food also depends on the mood of the cook and the colors of the kitchen can make a difference to it. So, while choosing the colors you should be enough careful if you want to enjoy tasty food every day.

The colors of the kitchen can be distributed by the furniture, main cabinet, appliances, walls, ceiling, flooring and lighting. Below are some tips and color combinations for your kitchen.

Warm Colors

It is often the first colors that come to mind for the kitchen, and right! Warm colors bring a dynamic and friendly atmosphere perfect for the piece exchanges. You can choose from orange, yellow, pink and even red but a wall just to the risk of being oppressive.

Soft Colors

Another trend of kitchens is calm tones. The soft green appeared in recent months successfully. One can also think of a pearl gray or taupe, but accented with flashy colors in a gradation of shades or completely the opposite of those colors. You can use the combination of warm and soft colors if your dining table is placed just in front of the open kitchen.

Black and White

Designers often opt for the combination of black and white. Timeless and chic, this duo does not mean turning your kitchen laboratory cold and impersonal. If you choose black and white, think about accessories, colors or paint a wall in a color such as lemon tonic for example.

And do not forget that advises more than three colors in a room with a dominant color. Below are some color combinations to suite your needs

Purple and Gray: The Alliance Chic

These two colors blend perfectly cold, and besides this appliance are often presented in the decorating magazines of gray to silver gray, you can play with the brightness that will agree to a more or less intense violet. Be careful because for other parts the warm colors are more recommended. If modular kitchen cabinets are offered in light colors then this combination will be the best for rest of your kitchen.

Green and Blue: Two Colors in Harmony

These two colors are side by side on the color wheel, so they are called "consistent" and combine very well as part of a decoration piece. Beware though, the blue and green are cool colors, it is better to use them in a kitchen facing south or west, receiving enough light.

Yellow and Gray: The Association Tendency

This is the marriage of two color lights decoration in recent years. Yellow warms the gray for a contemporary and urban kitchen. To warm a result, think of yellow as the tonic or lemon yellow mimosa. Note that the combination of yellow and black has the same effect, but more graphic.

Blue and Gray

Blue is a color that goes well with gray. Navy blue, sky blue, indigo blue ... the full range of blue to gray agrees. This may be particularly suitable for a kitchen with touches of deep blue.

In conclusion, one might almost say that anything goes with gray!

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